New discussion: branding your company!

Branding Your Company graphic

The most important part of marketing and advertising is to get your audience to instantly recognize your company, product, or service. A basic component of this deals with visually presenting your company to the marketplace in an integrated manner, so you will stand out from all others in your market.

However, companies that are starting out usually look for the most economical ways possible to produce their marketing and advertising items. For instance, they will look for someone to develop a
website, someone else to produce a brochure, and another person (of firm) to develop their logo, or
brand-mark. Most entrepreneurs are hands on people and tend to micro-manage as much of the company development as possible. That probably makes sense to a point, but by selecting different people, or companies, to produce different items they lose a most important aspect of their marketing thrust: integrating their marketing materials in order to better impact their target market(s).

A good rule of thumb for visually branding your company, product, or service is to put your trust in one firm, and when developing your materials be sure to be: 1) simple, 2) consistent, and 3) integrated.


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2 Responses to New discussion: branding your company!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Interesting subject, considering much of business has passed on to a different attitude about branding. Now days it seems to be a mixture of bad taste and bad communications, or no attempt at communicating identy what so ever. This is not a place to write a book with one symbol, but it sure seems to be attempted on an almost daily basis.

    I think the basic idea of staying with one firm for identy is a great one, but you have to be willing to listen to the experts in this field. Many companies get the initial work done, then begin tearing it apart to satisfy the many egos involved. Don’t you think that if you are going to actually spend money in this area, and it certainly should be strongly considered, that you ought to listen to the experts you give the assignment to?

    Too many people think they are designers, only to be proven wrong over and over again, while paying a very high price of no identy at all. Do your home work in the right order. Find a company you trust, whose work you like, then discuss the project thoroughly with them and get the hell out of the way! Remember, however, if YOU can’t describe your business, don’t expect the designer to come up with a miracle.

  2. I would add Unique and Timeless. It’s one thing to be consistent, but will it stand the test of time?

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