Comment on: Does Text Marketing Bother You?

Texting 4

Wayne Anderson commented:

Good article! Texting while driving is a threat to all of us! It really concerns
me! How many lives will we loose before we learn, that these personal text messages
are not worth our lives, and those of our families? It is just too easy for people
to do, and so dangerous. Next to the politicians that govern us, texting is one of
the biggest problems we face. I don’t like the government trying to run our lives,
but something should be done to stop this practice. It probably will not, because
it is way to controversial,- and politicians do not seem to want controversy now!

The solutions to this texting problem would not pass the focus group test! Oh great,
another “problem” to face. I remember back to the books that I read in my younger
days, written by George Orwell. How prophetic! If he were alive today, he would
have a big smile on his face. I have mixed feelings about all of this. When I think
about it all, I also remember another book. It was called Profiles in Courage!

Wayne Anderson
Forever Young Media, Inc.

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