Comment on: Does Text Marketing Bother You?

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Mike Willett commented:

What an interesting question. Of course the onslaught of mundane, boring, insulting, loud, interrupting messages from people who do it in the middle of the night, anger me, and by the way, check your messaging package, it may actually be costing you money as well.

Text messaging has, or should I say, had, a value that is rapidly disappearing, since using it for ads will train people to ignore it. I always found texting a great tool if, and only if, it
was the only way I could get an important message somewhere. There also was a day that it got attention, almost immediately, since people only used it for something important.

There is another reason I find it distasteful. I see far too many people doing it while driving. I know, I know, you have a perfect right to do so, but when you kill me, me thinks you are encroaching on my freedoms, such as the one I always thought was beyond doubt, the right to live.

Advertisers, this is for you. You are ruining advancements in communications by entering our spaces at all times of day and night, insulting us with absolute junk, and above all, a
big, fat, large sign saying just how you don’t care and don’t have any taste either. I will go out of my way not to do business with you, get it?

So now, you ask, what is the alternative? I mentioned taste, and I know that is a foreign word to many in our industry, but damn it, exercise some. While writing this, my phone rang, and at the other end was an auto dialer. I wait for them just to give them a hard time, though it does no good. “Take me off your list” no longer means anything, since our do nothing government has abandoned the process and advertisers using this method just laugh at you, so I waste a bit of their time. This call was to inform me that they were going to give me money and a credit card, etc., etc., etc. When they answer, I use my standard reply. “You used an auto dialer, didn’t you? Shame on you, I’ll have to charge you a handsome sum for wasting my time. Please remove me from your list.”
It never is done, of course and they will no doubt call me again in a few days, but it cost them time and money, and since I’m semi retired, it cost them more than it did me.

Please, advertisers and designers and copy writers, if you are employing these methods, stop it right now, or give up all semblance of sanity and caring instantly!

Mike Willett 
Better Life Systems

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One Response to Comment on: Does Text Marketing Bother You?

  1. I actually disagree with this stance, both as a consumer and a marketer. I only “opt in” for those marketing messages I want to receive, so I actually get to make a choice in the advertising to which I am exposed. While this writer makes some valid points, he also ignores the value of a strategic text marketing initiative.

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