New Discussion: Super Bowl Advertising!

Big firework

Well I’m sure that most of us watched the Super Bowl – some for the sport – and some for the half-time show, and the ads. In any case, there were a lot of viewers for the advertisers to get their messages out to. And, of course, with giant budgets, and a lot of hype many company’s entered the competition for your attention – and your dollars.

When developing an ad one needs to first consider the following: what are you selling – and to who. Then one needs to deal with the message, the story, and the technique. But, when all is done it is the item that you are selling (product, service, whatever) that has to be presented – and in a way that makes the viewer want to buy, or recommend, that item that is being presented.

Most of the ads that I saw during the event focused first on a story, second on a technique, and lastly the item that was meant to be sold. How very interesting!


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