New Discussion: It’s a Balancing Act!

Little Things

As we approach another Super Bowl season we know (that because of the great television audiences the game attracts) we will be pelted with dozens of commercials. Each one of these TV commercials will do its absolute best to catch our attention. Why? Because a huge audience means prospective sales. In the past, now, and in the future we will be jolted by ad after ad screaming for us to stop and look at it. It’s sort of like having twenty small kids each vying for our attention all at once.

Some of the ads will be wild, some will present spectacular images, and some will be very loud. However they expect to attract us, only a few will remain in our mind for any period of time – and of those maybe we will be able to decipher the client – and the message – of one or two of them.

Remember no matter how fantastic the ad is as a piece of “art” – it only works as an ad if the individual looking at the ad

1) understands the message,

2) connects that message with a product and company,

3) is not turned off by the production techniques, and

4) is able to separate the ad from all the other ads that he, or she, is peppered with.

Only then will the client have a shot at selling his product or service.


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One Response to New Discussion: It’s a Balancing Act!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Oh, boy, it is that time of year, isn’t it. The time those of us that are not interested in football look for
    something to pay attention to. Well, maybe that should be commercials on the biggest sell period there
    is, but even those tend to go way overboard for the Super Bowl, pound their viewers and potential clients
    into the ground, and then wonder why their adds often do little or nothing for their bottom line. I would
    call that absolutely nuts, but remember, many would assign that title to me anyway, especially since I am
    not a football fan.

    That said, American business stands right along side me in the “nuts”category. If you don’t believe it,
    just look at what they call advertising. You wonder when there will be enough adults in the room who can
    actually hold a conversation, while making sense doing it.

    Bottom line? Businesses that choose to spend obscene amounts on “opportunities” like Super Bowl ads,
    had better be educating them selves about what sells and what doesn’t, and be making sure that their
    extremely expensive efforts are not turning people off, and are actually pulling results. Remember,
    making a profit is not just impressing the board of directors, and in our economy, the best way to do
    that is to actually make a profit. Imagine that!

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