Comment on: It’s a Balancing Act!

Football Picture 1

Mike Willett commented:

Oh, boy, it is that time of year, isn’t it. The time those of us that are not interested in football look for something to pay attention to. Well, maybe that should be commercials on the biggest sell period there is, but even those tend to go way overboard for the Super Bowl, pound their viewers and potential clients into the ground, and then wonder why their adds often do little or nothing for
their bottom line. I would call that absolutely nuts, but remember, many would assign that title to me anyway, especially since I am not a football fan.

That said, American business stands right along side me in the “nuts”category. If you don’t believe it,
just look at what they call advertising. You wonder when there will be enough adults in the room who can actually hold a conversation, while making sense doing it.

Bottom line? Businesses that choose to spend obscene amounts on “opportunities” like Super Bowl ads, had better be educating them selves about what sells and what doesn’t, and be making sure that their extremely expensive efforts are not turning people off, and are actually pulling results. Remember, making a profit is not just impressing the board of directors, and in our economy, the best way to do that is to actually make a profit. Imagine that!


Mike Willett 
Better Life Systems

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