New Discussion: You Need to be in the Game – part two!

Money 22x

When one is in the creatives services – whether it is marketing, branding, advertising, media relations, communication design, etc. – it is a business – not a hobby. It’s great to be creative, but you must always be aware that your services come with a price.

Merchants don’t give away their products just so that other people will like them –
they sell their products in order to have enough money to pay their overhead and
their staff, market their business, and to make enough profit to feed and cloth
their families. Creatives need to think the same way about the services that they
provide. If you pursue your business as a hobby – your clients will treat you the
same way – and the monetary value of a hobby is next to nothing.

If you want to be in business, then run your business as a business.

Here’s what you need to do:

* agree on a schedule and deadline before beginning the project (and keep to it),

* agree on a price before beginning the project,

* get a signed and dated contract – preferably with a purchase order number,

* get a down payment – 1/4th to ½ of the projected cost, and

* set terms for receiving the balance of the money.


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