New Discussion: You Need to be in the Game – part one of two!

Money 23x

Creative Services ARE Businesses!

“i just got ripped off,” she said to me. “I just did all that work, and I didn’t get
a dime. And, he made a lot of money off of the ads and marketing that I did for
him!” She continued with her rant. When she was finished I asked her if she had
given him a contract to sign before beginning the project. She said “no”, and I
inquired why not? She replied that it was a rush job and there wasn’t time to
develop an agreement: “there just wasn’t”.

I asked if they had agreed to a price before beginning the work, and she informed me
again that there wasn’t enough time to do that. She said that she would charge him
by the hour, and that the hourly rate would change depending upon what she would be
doing. ” Did you get any money up front” I asked. “No,” she said. “Bad move” I
thought to myself.

“Have you contacted an attorney” I asked. “No” she replied – “they cost to much, it
would eat up my profits! I’ve been calling and emailing my client, but he won’t

I wished her well, and then made an excuse to leave the room.

to be continued…

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