New Discussion: Trusting Your Marketing Pro!

Trusting your marketing pro

The other day I received this message, “Need Branding & Marketing Help? Everything From Website Development, Logo & Branding Design to Email & Print Marketing Material Creation. My Work is 100% Hands on & My Rates are Competitive & Fair.” Okay, that sounded like a professional. So, I checked the website that was presented in the message. Well, even tho the message was intriguing – the work wasn’t of a very high quality. That made me think: how does one find a truly qualified individual, or company, to help them with their marketing, branding, advertising, or other creative services.

Well, there are the big name agencies – and it’s a given that they will give you the best possible work, but they are often pricey – not affordable for the average company. So, then what are our options?

1) You can check with your friends to see what companies that they use,
2) you can go online to find someone – and to check their credentials, or
3) you can check with your local professional marketing association to see whom they would recommend.

But, before you actually assign the work I would recommend meeting the person, or a representative from the firm, in person to determine whether there is a fit between your two companies.


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4 Responses to New Discussion: Trusting Your Marketing Pro!

  1. Masud says:

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  2. Great piece, here’s my take on this scenario. Many years ago, I was the senior photographer at one of the world’s largest scientific, educational, aquatic institutions that had a photography department (and that wasn’t owned by a beer company). We were paired up with one of the Chicago’s largest and best Ad agencies for an upcoming ad campaign. Needless to say, we were expecting Doyle Dane Bernbach Volkswagen lemon ads. Well, we did get lemon ads. Not the type we were expecting. Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for either. I usually go with a friend’s referral!

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