Don’t Scatter Your Budget!

Don’t Scatter Your Budget!

Do you really know who your customers, and your potential customers are? Yes – you do! In marketing and advertising that should be your first priority goal. If you cannot pin down your niche target market then you are wasting your money!

If you say that everyone needs your product, or service – you are wrong – unless of course, you are selling packets of dollar bills for half their value – and without shipping or handling costs.

In order to get value (and that means sales) from your marketing and advertising you need to do two things right up front:

1)  tightly define your niche target markets, and
2)  only market using media that will get you directly to those people.

Today there are hundred’s of ways to reach the general public – and many of these forms of media will cover the very same markets. You need to find the best source in each of your target markets – and concentrate your marketing dollars there.  

Then – over time  – market to that demographic. One (or even several ads) in a market area will not be enough to get your target audience to be aware of your product (or service) and finally trust in it enough to actually make a purchase. You must market to that area over, and over, until people are aware of you, and your product, or service. Only then will you see positive results.


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