Do You Understand Your Customer Base?

Do you really understand your customer base? describes a customer base as, “The clients to whom a business sells products and services. The customer base is a relatively broad number of customers, with a smaller section of the base being comprised of repeat customers.”

Now that seems pretty simple, but as I look around I see a lot of companies using marketing, advertising, branding, and graphics in a way that makes these companies seem as if they are fumbling around trying to find their target markets.

Today with so many media outlets available – and an increased rush to get products, and services, to market before their competitors – many companies don’t take the time to marry their products, and services, with a real customer-related target market. Clever, punchy, and off-color marketing will certainly get someone’s attention, but will it be the right someone? Will it be the person that will buy your product – or just glance at your advertisement without knowing what the product or service is – or what company is being advertised?

Invest the time to research just who those people are that might need what you are selling.


About Nate Marks

We live and work in a world of visual images.
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