Basics of All Advertising and Selling: Seduction!


Why not try seducing your prospects into doing what you want them to do?

Seducing a prospect? It may sound like fun, bit it’s a very difficult business. Too many people in advertising think it’s just an exercise of telling people what the advertiser wants to tell them. Uh uh. That’s like blowing kisses in the dark: you may know what you’re doing, but no one else does.

Here’s the trick. You seduce people into buying with “rationalization ammunition,” the reasons why they should buy. These are the benefits they’ll receive from using your product or service including the ultimate benefit that we discussed in another posting. Your job is to help the prospect justify the emotional decision to want to buy. The guarantee also helps to justify the emotional decision to want to buy. If people don’t see benefits and lots of them in your offering, they just won’t buy.

There’s an anatomical aspect to seducing the prospect into buying. If you’ve done your job properly and supplied the rationalization ammunition, you can visualize the prospect getting the gut feeling that he /she wants your product or service. Then that feeling moves up to the head where the rationalization begins and when successfully completed, the feeling moves the hand and the prospect reaches for the money or credit card. It’s all part of seducing with “rationalizing ammunition.”

One more aspect of “laying on” the benefits. Whenever you make a claim, a comparison or use a superlative call on Mr. Ben. E. Fits and Ms. Bee Cause. If your “whatever” will last longer, then give a “because.” Tell the reader why. All advertisers make claims of superiority. You be different. Tell the reader just what makes yours better. Let Ms. Bee Cause do it for you. And Mr. Ben E. Fits will tell the prospect just what this means to him or her.

Lewis R. Elin
Lewis R. Elin Consulting
Lewis R. Elin spent most of his working career selling work uniforms and flame resistant safety clothing via direct mail and catalogs. He is a recipient of the DMMA “Direct Mail Spokesman” award and participated in panels and lectured for the DMMA and the DMA. He co-taught a course on Direct Mail Basics at the Indiana University extensions in South Bend and Indianapolis. He has also lectured at the Merit Direct Business Mailer’s Summer Co-Op. Mr. Elin is best known for his “Hi-5 Eternal Truths of All Successful Direct Mail Advertising.”

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