Take Creative Control!

Take Creative Control!

The other day I received an email that read “Take Creative Control – An Ode to Creative Work.” It went on to say. “Behind every great advancement, in every industry, there is a creative mind. Creativity may come easy, but creation is hard. The late nights spent trying, and failing, and trying again. All the while, holding onto our vision…” And, then it lead me to this link: http://www.behance.net/films?goback=%2Egde_1895594_member_186209846.

I reviewed the short film – and maybe you would like to too! The basic point of the film seemed to be that creatives (in all fields) work very hard, but they are not appreciated – so they need to “take control” of their situation, and make people understand just how worthwhile their creative work is within their profession, or environment.

I wrote back the following short critique of the film: “Interesting, but lacking in direction! Just saying “take creative control” does nothing with regard to implementing that command. I think that a little “how,” “when,” and “where” needs to be added to this film.”

It seems to me that now-a-days there is a lot of emphasis on both creativity, and innovation, but little real understanding of the processes behind these phenomenon – let alone what actually sparks them into being. I recall a remark from the TV series Mad Men that, when asked about the creative department, the lead character said that they just put the creative team in a room until they have an idea. Hmmmmm!


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