Comment on Marketing and the Holi-daze!

Mike Willett commented:

Nate asks a very important question here, and one I’m sure many of us struggle with.
Keeping up with our values while maintaining some dignity is not an easy thing these days,
especially given the increase in change – and just how rapidly it takes place. Current technology gives us access to instant everything, but provides no foundation for navigating one of the most difficult parts of being human. Change! Remember that as you work on a campaign, or give thought to your needs in communication.

We are a nation made up of many differences, and more attention needs to be paid to
differences in how that change is dealt with. Observing the traditions of others, in a country
filled with more differences than any other, ignoring these things could not only hurt a campaign, but could literally put the client out of business. Being sensitive to change, other’s beliefs and preferences,
etc., is just good business, and after all, good for your fellow human beings.

Mike Willett 
Better Life Systems

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We live and work in a world of visual images.
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