Marketing and the Holi-daze!

I was raised up to believe that many of the Holidays actually had some significance in our daily lives – and that they were not just excuses to buy and to sell  items at a bargain. Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and other Holidays had both religious, and moral meaning – and we were taught to reflect on our lives in terms of service to others, and to God. In addition, there was always that traditional portion of the Holiday’s where we related to our families: both current and past. Other Holidays with real significance are Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Labor Day, Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Independence Day (the Fourth of July) , and Thanksgiving – where we, as American’s, reflect on those people who committed their energy, and their lives – and even lost their lives – so that we could enjoy freedom as individuals.

However, today these Holidays seem to be more of an excuse for sales, and profits. True, we do need to buy, and sell, products and, services, in order to make the incomes that allow us to enjoy our freedoms – but we should not allow the desire, and greed,  for goods and services to destroy our history and culture. Check out the current Holiday ads on TV! Each one is screaming for your attention – each one is louder, brighter, and more action packed – with little or no regard for the Holiday itself.

Without remembering who we are – and why we are here – where do we really intend to go?

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One Response to Marketing and the Holi-daze!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Nate asks a very important question here, and one I’m sure many of us struggle with. Keeping up with
    our values while maintaining some dignity is not an easy thing these days, especially given the increase
    in change and just how rapidly it takes place. Current technology gives us access to instant everything,
    but provides no foundation for navigating one of the most difficult parts of being human. Change!
    Remember that as you work on a campaign, or give thought to your needs in communication.
    We are a nation made up of many differences, and more attention needs to be paid to differences in
    how that change is dealt with. Observing the traditions of others, in a country filled with more differences
    than any other, ignoring these things could not only hurt a campaign, but could literally put the
    client out of business. Being sensitive to change, other’s beliefs and preferences, etc., is just good business,
    and after all, good for your fellow human beings.

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