Comment on The Company Naming Game!

Mike Willett commented:

One of the first issues of someone starting a business is almost always the name. Bad examples of the result of naming a business, or company, are on vivid display all the time, and ego certainly becomes a part of that issue.

The article suggests that the name carry some sort of indication or information that will suggest what the company is all about. That takes time and effort, and research. Isn’t a new business worth the time and effort to provide that kind of direction?

So, we get to the heart of business beginners. No research and effort in the very first step of coming up with the proper or good name. Then the issue becomes money very quickly. No budget for marketing and advertising. All investment tents to go toward bringing the product to market, but in all the wrong ways.

Even though you think you have the perfect business, what research have you done to confirm that. It takes time and money to do so, but the results could very well depend on the simple things, before ever opening the doors to that new business. Take that time, make that effort, budget properly for the things that count and are a part of the natural path toward success, and you will arrive at the point of
success and be happy with the results you achieved.

Mike Willett 
Better Life Systems

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