Comment on Your Marketing, Advertising, and Branding Must Create Value!

Mike Willett commented:

Have you ever seen an ad that you discuss with friends or comment in groups as to just how bad it is, how it doesn’t make sense, or makes the product or service look like a bad joke? Is that the image you want your company or product to have?

It would seem that the direction for many is providing just that service, even
though I would be willing to bet it was not intentional. Do you really sit back and
look at your marketing efforts, or do you just pump them out? It’s not quantity
that will help you build and brand, it is quality, and if it doesn’t communicate
your message, stop the ad or marketing, do some serious thinking, and make sure you
don’t become the laughing stock of the business World.

Humor is great in a lot of advertising and marketing. Just make certain the joke is
not on you!

Mike Willett 
Better Life Systems

About Nate Marks

We live and work in a world of visual images.
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