Comment on Really, Color Counts!

Lewis Elin commented:

I propose that color is as misused in advertising as are graphics. How’s that for insulting the graphics people and getting their knickers all in a twist? But think about it.

It’s words that tell the story, convey the benefits, press the hot buttons of self-interst and help create the perceptions of benefits that outweigh the value of the money saved by not buying. Graphics and color help to enhance the story, but in and of themselves do diddley-squat to convince the prospect to take the action the advetiser wants.

Just as the copy writer should tell the complete story in words first and then select the graphics that will help enhance the story and convey the benefits, any element that the writer or designer wants in color should first be rendered in black and white. Yeah. Yeah. Blasphemy, I know. but what’s lost by making sure that the graphic item itself is appropriate, that it firs in, that it really does help to
enhance the story? if the graphic element/device passes the black and white test, THEN do the color. If it doesn’t help in b & W, color sure as hell ain’t gonna do the trick.

Maybe you graphic people should assume your entire audience is color blind. Put together a monochromatic ad, story–whatever. when that looks right, then add the color slowly. No one but you is impressed if you can use every shade, tone and hue of blue, red or green plus a bunch of other colors. Keep it simple and make it effective.

Lewis R. Elin
Lewis R, Elin Consulting

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One Response to Comment on Really, Color Counts!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Unfortunately if the color keeps peoople from even looking further, you don’t have to worry about the
    words. There is no question that the words are terribly imporant, but especially in this day and age, and
    dare I say it, poor education, visuals tend to come first. Is it a problem? You bet, so any designer worth
    his weight in anything, had better get the visuals to lead the viewer to the words…first!

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