Really, Color Counts!

An advertiser, or a designer, needs to consider the use of color in graphics, photos and text when putting together marketing, branding, and advertising materials – especially if they want their piece not only to stand out. And, if they want to have their message received properly – by the target audience. Obviously photos with color that is of the same value thruout, or that are poorly cropped, fuzzy, or out of focus won’t get your message across either. Nor will photos that are to light, or to dark – unless under very particular circumstances. The same principle applies to type, illustrations, and graphic images too. The color, size, and style (font) of the text certainly needs to be taken into consideration, e.g. I wouldn’t recommend small yellow type on a white background.

All of this should be so obvious to someone involved in marketing, branding, or advertising: however, everyday I see examples which run counter to these “obvious” visual necessities. This makes me wonder why people would invest it marketing, branding, and advertising that doesn’t have a prayer of attracting, and influencing, their target market. If you can figure that out please inform me!


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3 Responses to Really, Color Counts!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    This reminds me of the old addage, “Common sense is terribly uncommon”. Not only is the working
    designer the one that should know these things, so should most people connected to marketing. Sadly
    that just doesn’t hold true any longer. Isn’t it true that the people a company hires to help them with their
    marketing should be experts in such subjects, but are they?

    A company that hires a marketing firm or designer should be able to know whether the people they
    are hiring are qualified and knowledgeable in the field they represent, but how many companies really
    take the time to find out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this issue is vital, but every day we
    see examples of someone in the chain that doesn’t know jack, let alone Phil or Bill or George. My advice
    would be for the business owner, if you don’t know the difference, do your due diligence and find someone
    that knows these things, then hire them!

    If you expect your business to grow and succeed, you have to know more than accounting. If you expect
    your business to do as well as you like, either learn what works or find someone that can do it for you.
    If you are a designer and don’t know these things, do something else for a livng!

  2. sallychapralis says:

    Hi Nate,

    While I’m not “commenting,” your good Color Counts post below reminded me of Terry O’Reilly’s “Under the Influence” radio show last Saturday morning on the influence of color in advertising. I’m addicted to his show.


    Sally Chapralis

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