Don’t Give it Away! – part 3 of 3.

With the economy still suffering from this long recession we keep finding company’s that are preying on creatives. There are groups that bathe themselves in the light of doing something for the common good. But, analyze exactly what they do. They build teams of volunteers from creatives who answer the call, and put them together to solve one of their client’s problems. The selection of the team is derived from the “available” pool of volunteers – some qualified – some not so qualified. The company takes the money (mostly from large community-based funding sources) – and the volunteers do all the work on a pro bono basis. The projects (when finished) are not as professional as if team of all qualified experts had produced them.

There will probably be a lot more of these crowdsourcing companies coming into the marketplace, because the crowdsourcing companies themselves are very profitable – and many more people will want to get into the game. If you are a professional creative be weary – and read the paperwork before taking on assignments from these companies. If they ask you to submit your work on the project for free – and afterwards they will put your work in for consideration – say NO.


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2 Responses to Don’t Give it Away! – part 3 of 3.

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  2. Mike Willett says:

    After all these years in the system, I find group solutions rarely work, especially when all group work is
    done separately. No discussions, no pooling of the minds, no cooperation in the process, no creative
    results. Simple!

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