Don’t Give it Away! – part 2 of 3.

With the economy still suffering from this long recession we keep finding company’s that are preying on creatives. Their hook is that they will find companies that are looking for help with developing logos, designing brochures, photography, copywriting, etc. – no sales time is required for you. How cool is that!

They say that it will charge the client, e.g. $2,000 for a logo, and then they will a pay designer to handle the job for $1,500. That $1,500 sounds good on the surface, but looking into the situation it seems that company actually asks several designer to submit logos for consideration. The $1,500 will then be divided between all the participants – taking that $1,500 down to a couple of hundred dollars (or less) – but only if YOU are the winner(s) out of several hundred (or thousands) people who have answered this call.

Don’t believe me? Check the arrangements out for yourself – read the contracts. Each of these companies has good publicity, and good websites. They are all trying to get creatives to do something for nothing. One of these companies even boasts that it draws from a pool of 87,000 people – worldwide. Each creative willingly sends the company free artwork, photography, writing, etc. hoping that they will get a chance to be picked for a job that – in the end will pay a couple of hundred dollars – or less.


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One Response to Don’t Give it Away! – part 2 of 3.

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Some great advice, and of course, an insight on just what is happening on the Internet. Let the buyer beware would be a very timely thought before jumping in to an ad coming through the net. One needs to be especially careful taking offers such as mentioned in the article, since “skin the customer” seems to be the direction of the day by more companies than can be imagined.

    Providing something of value is just something the internet has not embraced yet, and coming up with ways to get into the pocket of the customer remains supreme at the moment. Up sells are notorious on the net, and incomplete programs are all over the place. Sometimes, building your own customer base comes from just plain old hard work and due diligence. Expecting a windfall through the net remains a tricky way to do business, especially if you have no personal relationship with the provider, or if you don’t know anyone that has worked with them before and can relate their experience to you.

    I still believe that the company that puts the customer first, offers straight forward opportunity and speaks honestly about it, is the way to go. I don’t know about most of you out there, but I always get a bit of an uncomfortable feeling about internet offers, and I still believe that if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

    For the most part, people like to know whom they are dealing with. As you work with marketing, that’s well worth remembering. Make your marketing more personal, a message that states the truth without overblown hype, and deliver. Referrals have always worked and always will, especially when the individual or company looking at your services does not have experience with you or your business. Working on ways to make it more personal is a great way to go, and working through an out of the country agency or an internet based provider of sales is something to enter only with great caution. Don’t stop your tried and true marketing, it still applies.

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