Don’t Give it Away! – part 1 of 3.

Hard times bring out both the best – and the worst in people. On the one hand people tend to band together to help one another: on the other hand we find people who try to make money on the backs of others. Lately we’ve been hearing the term “crowd sourcing.” This is a problem solving, and production model, whereby requests are broadcast to a large group of people who are called in to give their input in providing a solution for some problem. These requests are usually sent out as calls for a competition – whereby the winner is rewarded a prize. Remember the keyword is winner – there is usually only one winner – and all the rest of the submitter’s are losers.

With the economy still suffering from this long recession we keep finding company’s that are preying on creatives with their song, and dance routine of bringing us opportunities to make money, or to be of service for the common good. However, when one analyzes these “opportunities” they fall far short of their promises.

When being asked to present your work for consideration among other participants be weary, because not all of the calls for work are really going to benefit you – and, there are several well-marketed organizations that you might want to avoid doing business with.


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