Send the Check, Credit Card or Cash!

The name of the game in direct mail selling, as well as just about all advertising, is to get someone to send in money or go out and buy something. Today’s advertising and selling efforts are infiltrated and often dominated and by the Internet. All too often businesspeople and even the “experts” in the digital field forget one thing: the name of the game is to sell something, not just to create “whiz-bang” websites.

As you get enmeshed in the electronic phases of advertising and selling in today’s business world, you’ll keep your efforts on track if you remember this poem.

   Send Check, Credit Card or Cash

    It matters not what’s electronic and new.
    What always works is tested, tried and true.
    It’s not just to sit and drag and click,
    But to create offers that will do the trick.

    Websites and e-mail transmit will transmit fast,
    But what really counts are customers who last.
    They don’t respond because of electronic wizardry.
    They buy because of product-benefit imagery.

    You can have your hi-tech connectivity;
    Just give me moneyed responsibility.
    For when the websites zoom, zap and crash,
    Be sure you have the check, credit card or cash.

The object of the game is to sell something, to get new and/or keep old customers. Don’t get sidetracked with “creative” efforts that do more for the creators than for the sellers. Remember: “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

Go out and sell something!

Lewis R. Elin
Lewis R, Elin Consulting

About Nate Marks

We live and work in a world of visual images.
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One Response to Send the Check, Credit Card or Cash!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Well Nate, you’ve gone and done it again! Made sense, that is, and after all, marketing, whether done in print, tv or especially the internet, carries certain responsibilities in order to get benefits to the seller.

    The idea that one can just place an ad and wait to count the money applies is one of the biggest lies ever told, yet not only do we see that approach continually in print media, I would have to say that the internet is probably one of the biggest examples of ignorant marketing there is. Just putting a web site up is no guarantee of anything, other than wasted effort and money if not done right. After all, if no one looks at it, nothing is accomplished. If people get no message from it, the waste continues. If the message is not right, same thing, and on and on and on.

    Traditional marketing, regardless of media, requires communication. We are inundated with communications these days, but very few convey a message that is worth much of anything,it just looks slick, but that’s about all.

    As for the internet, let’s talk about how message is being abused. Ever notice that the message says free, but the up sells and even a final price are well buried until you go to fork over your money? Do you feel as though, when showing interest in product on the net, that it feels as though several people are working overtime to get their hands on your money through a series of tricks and manipulations? I predict that the winners on the net will be those that are honest in their message and don’t play the games, but simply provide information first, and quality products at fair prices as well. All the game players will be left behind eventually as the market place becomes more educated and experienced. and certainly more than a little bit angry.

    Here’s an example of manipulation that most of you are familiar with. First the trick. I just got a post card in the mail for an auto dealer, advertising their special for an oil change…only 14.95! In tiny print at the bottom of the ad in type almost unreadable, “pllus tax, shop suppllies, hazardous waste fee, if applicable.” Tell me, have you ever seen those added on fees not applicable? The results of this trickery is that I rarely pay any attention to such ads, knowing that the large type price is not the real price. Not having any idea what their “if applicable” add ons are, I won’t go to them for an oil change either. Net effect for the advertiser for my business? Zip. Profit from me for the advertiser? A loss.

    Any chance of my going to that dealer for a new car? Hardly. Customer loyalty and repeat business? Not gonna happen. So, the question remains, did they get the check, cash or credit card? Being honest makes it easy to ask for the sale, but if the customer feels they have a gun in their face, you can ask til the cows come home, to no avail.

    Find a marketing agency, and you know if you read anything by me, that DesignMarks should be given your consideration, make sure they understand what they are doing (there are a lot of them that don’t, just witness the things I’ve mentioned) and your sales will come, again and again and again. Find one that understands that technology is becoming one hell of a tool…if it is used correctly and implemented in the right way, and make sure the marketing agency you use knows that and does that.

    Mike Willett

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