Comment on Size Does Matter!

Mike Willett Commented:

Aw, Nate, you’re always so practical Great information for those that can’t think, and there are many these days. Just look around and you’ll see many designers and owners doing their own thing, that you can see just what Nate is talking about.

Think of size as it relates to different tv screens. A head on a 12 inch tv looks a lot different in size than one on a 55″. Doesn’t that tell you what you are facing if you don’t realize that the size of your ad may be a quarter page, but if you build it on a large screen…you get the idea, and if you or your designer doesn’t, find another one. If the owner of the business doesn’t, then he needs a designer, one that knows the difference.

Today, with just about anyone having a computer, we have entered the age of good marketing and design being done by a lot of unqualified people. Business owners really need to think that through. Would you go to a vet for heart surgery? That’s the principal you are applying if you, as a business owner, attempt to do your own marketing and design. 

Mike Willett 
Better Life Systems



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