Comment on Don’t Argue. There Are Only Two Reasons to Advertise!

Mike Willett commented:

As a former advertising photographer for 35+ years, it always amazes me when someone with experience cuts right to the chase. Why? Simple, one of the first questions I always asked my clients when they hired me was, what is the message? What are we
trying to convey about the benefits of your product?

You’re sitting there thinking, why would the photographer have to know the answers to such questions, just shoot the damn thing and let’s move on. I’m a consumer just like all of you, and if I didn’t get it, neither would their market, yet they constantly showed up with no idea what they were trying to get across to their market. No ideas, no headlines, no message, no sales!

Many thought that if the graphics (read photography in this case) would sell the product. Well, I have news for you, if it doesn’t get your attention with message oozing out of it, no viewers, no readers, no message sent, no sales.

What are you in business for? Just to spend and waste money? I don’t think so, so if you are letting things that should be the first thought in your head be the last, then go get a job, stop wasting money, enjoy yourself. I can recommend some great beaches…if you can afford them.

Mike Willett 
Better Life Systems

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