You Should Know Your Audience!

A friend of mine emailed me the graphic which I have shown above – along with this note: “Please take a look at the attached, the head for a one-page magazine article (no, I didn’t design it), and tell me if it’s as awful as I think. I guess I’m worried that there’s some recent trend I’m not aware of, that this is representative of, and it’s cutting-edge instead of just shitty.”

My reply: I  don’t think it’s “shitty” — but, it just doesn’t do anything for me from a design perspective –  nor from a typography  perspective — and, in my opinion, it probably didn’t work for the magazine’s niche audience: the target audience that the article was intending to reach. It looks as if the designer had some basic training, but just didn’t know (or care) anything about the article – or the magazine’s audience.  So he/she just placed some big type  on the page – in order to meet the magazine’s deadline.

It’s actually not about “cutting-edge” design. Any design style (new, old, cutting edge, whatever) should attempt to get some audience response – either negative, or positive, based upon the article’s content. The “design” should not just be placed on the page to fill up space.

BTW, I reproduced the ad in the above graphic, but replaced the name of the company, organization, or product with some gibberish text.

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One Response to You Should Know Your Audience!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    This would appear to be an attempt to “just get something in print, fast.” Never mind if it attracts, is easy to read, communicates the message, or much of anything else other than taking up space. If you are wondering if this is a new approach, my answer would be yes, the one of laziness, lack of training, no appreciation or attempt to market much of anything.

    Sound familiar? If it doesn’t “sound” familiar, just take a look around your environment. We live in an age where schools can’t even teach people to speak properly, let alone convey any kind of message or meaning, and it goes all the way from elementary school through college. With that in mind, I would suggest that the design we are discussing fits right in. That would be a wrong conclusion to come to for the business owner that is trying to expand that business.

    If you don’t care whether you sell anything, get in line for the fast and easy methods of today, and you’ll be right on track to fail. It’s the little things that add up over time and eat the lunch of future business.

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