Keep Your Message Simple!

Obviously the aim of branding, marketing and advertising is to put companies in front of their target audience – as often as possible – and within budget. Having a good product or service does not guarantee sales and certainly is not a guarantee of success. The company, or organization, still must get the word out to people (as often, and as well targeted as possible) in order to create a sales interest.

The basic rule about getting your message to your target audience is to keep your message simple – SIMPLE. Whether it be an ad, a brochure, an opening page of a website, or any other item that needs to attract, and hold your audience – keep it simple. The more there is to look at, and the more complex the piece – the more your target message will be lost in the forest of all other messages.


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We live and work in a world of visual images.
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One Response to Keep Your Message Simple!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Well, duh! Yes, there is no question how important keeping your message simple, and I would add, quickly understandable. To that a simple addition…OFTEN!

    A caveat is important here. Often does not mean providing irritation. Your message must be informational, entertaining if possible, and frequent. Memories these days are a lot like mine, they don’t last too long, so keep your prospects in your loop, provide them with information they need or will learn from, and gain a respect for you and your company, and do it often.

    Vary your approach, your method, but keep your message constant and always educational or reinforcing. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Only if you make it that way, and that’s where many businesses go off the track. Keep it simple, keep it frequent, and by all means, use different media from time to time. Some people will react to print ads, some to email, some to phone messaging, and more. With all the technological advances, it is vital that a business owner either keep in touch with what is going on, or employ someone that does it for them.

    Enter a company such as Design Marks. Don’t try to do everything yourself. If you could, that would be wonderful, but history is full of stories of those that could not, and I would have to say, that would definitely be a majority. Are you looking for results, or are you looking for ego fulfillment? Me, I’ll take the money!

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