Comment on Mass Segmentation: part two!

Mike Willett commented:

No doubt about it, the market is dividing, then dividing again and again as more and
more possibilities in the media are presented on an almost daily basis. Once you
move into or onto the internet, look out! There are so many possibilities it makes
one’s head spin, and practically none of the newer avenues have been tested or have
strong tracking to back up the thousands of claims. Throw into that system the
millions of small businesses being started on an almost daily basis, and, well, you
can see what I mean.

As for the small business owner, an attitude of “when I see it, I’ll believe it”
would be a path well worth considering. Hype remains supreme on the net, and those
that control most of it are young and very vocal, and certainly have boundless
energy, but that does not necessarily translate into great success.

The rule of thumb for advertising over the years has been paying attention to
results and a willingness to test, then test again. Something well worth keeping in
mind even today.

Mike Willett 
Better Life Systems

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