Mass Segmentation: part two!

Mass segmentation is especially disturbing in this down economy, because the advertising, and marketing budgets are dropping at the same time that the markets are being more, and more, segmented. For example, to reach one’s niche market via television the advertiser must continue to divide the budget into smaller, and smaller, segments in order to cover all the individual commercial, and cable stations which are continually being established. The advertiser needs to be aware of each station’s demographics, and if the client’s message is getting through to the proper people on the proper days, and at the proper times. With the budgets decreasing – and at the same time being more, and more, segmented that means that even though more stations are covered – the targeted people are presented the client’s message less often.

Now take our example and spread it across all the media variations, and you get much less effective advertising at a time when we need to sell more products in order to boost our economy. You’ve probably noticed advertisers trying anything and everything in order to reach YOU – the consumer. On TV you will see a multitude of short commercials between programs – only a small fraction of these will gain your attention – and if one has a choice the commercials will either be ignored by a trip to the kitchen, or muted, or the program recorded without commercials. In addition, we’re all getting advertising through our cell phones via email, and Twitter. How many of those are we really paying attention too. And, of course, what’s the next step in reaching YOUR niche market with a reasonable marketing budget?


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2 Responses to Mass Segmentation: part two!

  1. sallychapralis says:

    Very interesting posts/comments on mass segmentation, offering good overview perspective and specific suggestions.

    Sally Chapralis Business Communications & Public Relations

  2. Mike Willett says:

    No doubt about it, the market is dividing, then dividing again and again as more and more possibilities in the media are presented on an almost daily basis. Once you move into or onto the internet, look out! There are so many possibilities it makes one’s head spin, and practically none of the newer avenues have been tested or have strong tracking to back up the thousands of claims. Throw into that system the millions of small businesses being started on an almost daily basis, and, well, you can see what I mean.

    As for the small business owner, an attitude of “when I see it, I’ll believe it” would be a path well worth considering. Hype remains supreme on the net, and those that control most of it are young and very vocal, and certainly have boundless energy, but that does not necessarily translate into great success.

    The rule of thumb for advertising over the years has been paying attention to results and a willingness to test, then test again. Something well worth keeping in mind even today.

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