Mass Segmentation: part one!

The good side of the expansion of the airways, the Internet, mass media, and social networking is that more and more people (worldwide) are getting connected, and interconnected. The downside of this phenomenon is that with so many ways to connect, and communicate, it becomes more, and more, difficult for companies, and organizations, to read their markets. What this means is that each market – and each target market – is becoming more, and more dispersed.

For example, if a manufacturer wants to reach its niche market with its newest product it cannot simply research the market and place ads in several national magazines, major newspapers, radio, and television stations. Until recently this was the task – and it was a major effort in both human resources and capital. However, within the last ten years we have seen a proliferation of not only these major media outlets, but an expansion of all types of media: videos, cinema advertising, Internet sites, social networking sites, digital environments – and others coming around the corner. Do you know how to reach your niche market ?

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One Response to Mass Segmentation: part one!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Interesting remarks, and certainly becoming a major issue with all types and sizes of business. Everyone jumped on the internet over the last five to ten years, only to flood the communications ability of web sites beyond the intent. Now millions of web sites sit, providing little to nothing for the owner, and especially if they are not seeking professional guidance. That would be a priority for marketing, but how many businesses really understand marketing these days, let alone spend much on it?

    The latest statistics say that about 10% or less of email marketing is opened and read. Does that give you, a business owner, a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach? How about this one…most web sites sit, lonely, unappreciated or even read, especially if your web site does not show up on the first page of a search. Few people will go to page two or three or four, where the vast majority of web sites are, due to a lack of proper updating, positioning and ranking. Most don’t even know how their site ranks. Wrong move, unless you just enjoy spending money for something that does nothing for you. Have you spent the money to get your site analyzed so you know what to do to change that, or are you just waiting for a miracle?

    Consider that most people have given up their desk top computer, are leaving their laptop at home, and are carrying either an iPad or other brand, or just their smart phone, which, by the way, will be king this year or next. Notice how the screens of most smart phones are getting bigger with each new product release? Why do you suppose that is? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

    So, the question is, is your site a mobile one if someone accesses it from their phone, or are they looking at something that takes up so much real estate that it would take hours just to figure out what the site has to say? Are you getting back to people that look for your information, or even know how to go about it?

    Here’s a really big one. Do you have an app that you give new and existing clients, enabling you to make direct contact with them at any time, providing them with new or updated information in a heart beat, and have your logo to connect them to you on the home page of their phone? There is so much in the way of possibilities for using this outstanding marketing technique, that it is projected to be a $17 billion, not million but billion dollar market this year! Very few marketing agencies even know about this new direction, and are ill equipped to do anything about it.

    Staying current in the internet age of marketing is critical. If you are not working with an agency that understands this market, how to use it, and what the capabilities are, I would suggest you look for another agency to work with. Design Marks would be well worth your consideration. Get current today and see just how fast your marketing can become of age and get results!

    Mike Willett
    Better Life Systems

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