Food for Thought!

Several months ago I was speaking with a local restaurateur who wondered – (after he had renamed his restaurant, revamped his menu, purchased new kitchen equipment, redecorated the establishment, and had had several good reviews in major local publications) – why his restaurant was not packed with customers every evening. I asked him what other kinds of marketing, and advertising he was pursuing. He said that he had so many other things to do that he didn’t have the time – nor the money – to do any more marketing, or advertising. He remarked that the articles should be more then enough to bring in a lot of upscale patrons.

I suggested that he needed to invest more money in a good continuing marketing program, or what he had already invested in time, money, and effort would be wasted: and, that he would either just eke out a living – or go out of business. Being in marketing I knew that all the improvements, and a couple of articles were only part of what he needed to fill his restaurant on a daily basis. I knew that the articles would, of course, stop being written once he was no longer “the new kid on the block.”  And, a few loyal patrons would not be enough to pay his overhead. Without constant reminders (via marketing and advertising) broadcasting the fact that the establishment exists, only a very small number of people would ever know about the restaurant: and even fewer would venture to try it out.

He has been lucky: he’s still eking out an existence, but certainly not living up to his potential, or to his dreams. Michael Gerber wrote that “Most self employed people are technicians that are suffering from an entrepreneurial spasm.” Unfortunately, that is true in many cases. Business owners have lots of things to do: however, to be successful, a strong, continuing investment in their business should come first – and foremost – because without a solid marketing foundation it’s even more difficult to build a business.


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One Response to Food for Thought!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    A well stated set of facts! It always amazes me just how backward small business has their priorities. It should be market, market, market, then open and sell, and continue to market! The old adage “build it and they will come” falls far short if “they” don’t even know about it, where it is, and what it provides.”

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