Don’t Toss Your Money in the Toilet!

You must continue to market your company throughout this down economy. Marketing a company and its products and services is never an easy task. In a down economy, like the one that we are in today, it is even more difficult. In this type of economy owners of companies (both large and small) make money by limiting their investment in their own companies – and by reducing overhead.

This reduction can be carried out in a variety of ways: cutting marketing and advertising; reducing the quantity and quality of products and services; reducing inventories; reducing the hours that a company stays open; cutting employee hours; limiting benefits; reducing sales, and support staff; etc. All of these scenarios will work in an emergency, but they can devastate a company in the long-run – especially when the economy improves, and the company wants to re-enter the marketplace at the point that they dropped back .

The smart business owner will always look toward the future – realizing that this is just another business cycle – and that eventually this economy too will improve. Altho taking a beating (like the rest of us) the smart owner will channel some of these short-term “savings” into “investments” by continuing to market and advertise. In this way the company’s products and services will be in front of the target audience right now – and they will be remembered when the economy rebounds, and people are able to spend again.

It is difficult to market, and to advertise in this down economy, but companies that have the foresight and the wherewithal to continue do it will be much further ahead in the coming years.


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2 Responses to Don’t Toss Your Money in the Toilet!

  1. Mike Willett says:

    It simply amazes me at the stupidity of American business. Not only do they not follow good sound advice, such as what you give above in suggesting that businesses need to continue to market, especially in down markets (and they don’t), but they continually put out really bad ads and all the things that go with it.
    The simplicity and purity of DesignMarks is exactly what is needed in this very complicated atmosphere these days. Just simple eye relief is good, but business now than ever continues to complicate the message, hide the good within the bad, and generally, just shoot themselves in the foot every chance they get.
    Once in a great while, an agency puts out spectacular work, based on good, strong, simple graphics and message, and that is what DesignMarks does. Take a good close look, people, you are actually seeing great talent do great work!
    Mike Willett
    Better Life Systems

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