Small Business Advertising!

Advertising is something that all business owners know that they have to do, but most don’t understand what constitutes effective, long-term advertising. Because of this fact they will either do nothing, or try one form of advertising after another—usually on a one-time, or short-time basis: “I’m going to run an ad in (on/with) the (Your Media) to see if it works!.”  Believe me it rarely does – whether it’s a print ad, or electronic: newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc.

 A one-time ad — or even a few ads – will not achieve their objective. Usually a small company will waste money, because they don’t understand (and have no way of evaluating) effective long-term advertising.

It is difficult enough for small business owners to run their own operations—let alone to learn how to evaluate their markets; become their own marketing, and advertising consultants; develop their own ad message(s); create, and executive good advertising (print and/or electronic)—and then after it has run – to correctly evaluate the results.

There is an obvious need for small business owners to know what benefit(s) they are selling via their products, and services; who, and where their niche markets are; and how to develop, and evaluate their advertising to meet these, and future, opportunities.

All business owners want to succeed, but they can’t handle all of the necessary promotional tasks (while still effectively running their businesses), so they need to find outside sources that can help them present their message to their niche audiences. Yes, it will cost money, but if done well, it will both return a profit – and present new opportunities.


About Nate Marks

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